Accepted Papers

  • Jakob Rott, Rainer Niedermayr, Elmar Juergens and Dennis Pagano.

Ticket Coverage: Putting Test Coverage into Context


  •  David Bowes, Tracy Hall, Jean Petric, Thomas Shippey and Burak Turhan.                                

How Good Are My Tests?


  • Jussi Kasurinen, Maria Victoria Palacin Silva and Erno Vanhala.

What Concerns Game Developers? A Study on Game Development Processes, Sustainability and Metrics


  • Pete Rotella.

Software Reliability Classes: Comparing and Goaling Releases


  • Rafael Trindade, Talita Orfanó, Kecia Ferreira and Elizabeth Wanner.

The dance of classes – A stochastic model for software structure evolution


  • Gema Rodríguez-Pérez, Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona and Gregorio Robles.

How much time did it take to notify a Bug? Two case studies: ElasticSearch and Nova


  • Shirin Akbarinasaji, Ayse Bener and Adam Neal.

A Heuristic for Estimating the Impact of Lingering Defects: Can Debt Analogy be Used as a Metric?


  • Amit Dogra, Harkomal Singh and Paramvir Singh.

Execution Trace Streaming based Real Time Collection of Dynamic Metrics using PaaS