Accepted Papers

  • Marco Ortu, Giuseppe Destefanis, Stephen Swift and Michele Marchesi
    Measuring High and Low Impact Defects on Traditional and Mobile Open Source Software
  • Giuseppe Destefanis, Marco Ortu, Simone Porru, Stephen Swift and Michele Marchesi
    A Statistical Comparison of Java and Python Software Metrics Properties
  • Hennie Huijgens and Frank Vogelezang
    Do Estimators Learn? On the Effect of a Positively Skewed Distribution of Effort Data on Software Portfolio Productivity
  • Lov Kumar, Raoul Jetley and Ashish Sureka
    Source Code Metrics for Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Ladder Diagram (LD) Visual Programming Language
  • Dionisio de Niz, Min Young Nam and Julien Delangue
    Behavioral Complexity Quantification (Becom-Q)
  • Ramon Abilio, Eduardo Figueiredo, Gustavo Vale and Heitor Costa
    Metrics for Feature-Oriented Programming
  • Matteo Orrù and Michele Marchesi
    A Case Study on the Relationship between Code Ownership and Refactoring Activities in a Java Software System
  • Doug Martin and James R. Cordy
    On the Maintenance Complexity of Makefiles
  • Shirin Akbarinasaji, Behjat Soltanifar, Bora Çağlayan, Ayse Bener, Aslı Filiz Kurtoğlu, Ayse Tosun, Andriy Miransky and Bryan M. Kramer
    A Metric Suite Proposal for Logical Dependency