The Software Factory is a new infrastructure aimed to support entrepreneurship, the teaching of software development methodologies, and empirical software engineering research.

Participants in the Software Factory share a cooperative environment aimed to create software systems using the latest technologies. Entrepreneurs can ask the Factory to build demonstrators of new business ideas. Researchers can use this framework to perform empirical research on first-hand data. During project development the latest methods, tools, and languages are used. Participants are free to experiment with new approaches.

The Software Factory is an international initiative. Other factories are running in Helsinki, Madrid, Bolzano, Joensuu, and soon there will be others.

Prof. Pekka introduced the Software Factory at the University of Cagliari on July 15, 2010

The first project performed at Cagliari Software Factory was MatchAll.

The goal was to develop a system able to store, classify and retrieve contents of interest for the user (text documents, images, audios, videos), available as local files or as Web links. Classification is obtained through a total disambiguation of contents by a double axis classification – vertical (taxonomic) and horizontal (folksonomic). The contents are available to the owner and to other participants to a social network.