The Agile Group provides industrial consultancy studying practical applications and carrying out theoretical studies that put him at the top Italian and international study and application of Object Oriented Technologies and Agile Methodologies.

Examples of projects carried out with success are:

  • Filidiera project (in collaboration with Akhela) model and implement a platform for e-collaboration, for the armature supply chains of companies in a continuous cycle, integrating different information systems of the companies in the supply chain.
  • Ilonet project (in collaboration with University of Sassari, Genoa and Milan Bicocca): establishment of a network ILO international character with advanced network functionality “with the aim to qualify and strengthen relationships between the participating universities and the socio-economic system.
  • Carbonia Iglesias Province Portal: portal realization of the province of Carbonia-Iglesias using the open source framework jAPS
  • Krenesiel
  • Atlantis
  • Cluster Open Source (Sardegna Ricerche)‏

And ‘possible to find more detailed information on industrial projects of the group in the’ Population Research (FlossAR) of the University of Cagliari