FlossLab is the first spin-off of the University of Cagliari, created by the will of Giulio Concas and Michele Marchesi, professors at the Faculty of Engineering of Cagliari and a leading expert in the world of agile methods and metrics for quality control software.

In FlossLab blend together the academic matrix, which leads to constantly experiment and try new solutions, with the aim to establish a solid core industrial solutions that meet the expectations of the users more sophisticated and discerning.

FlossLab has chosen to adopt, wherever possible and appropriate, Open Source components, not so much not only to point to the cost savings that often involve, how to improve the quality of solutions and products supplied to consumers, in order to free itself – and falling prey – from dependence on specific suppliers and to always have total control of their software.

Already in the first year of operation FlossLab has participated in several research projects for the Region of Sardinia, the Italian Ministry for University and Research, the EU and private, has developed highly successful software products and has completed various projects for application entities Public Administration – local and central – and for businesses.

Among recent successes, FlossLab can boast of being the maintainer of the Open Source computer protocol more widespread in Italy (e-Prot) and be among the few national companies that develop intelligent video surveillance systems with event management.